Postal Planning

Garden Design Plans and ideas

Postal planning is an increasingly popular way for clients who want a professional plan designed by myself but are in locations that make this difficult. Planning this way is a very cost effective solution and possibly the cheapest way to achieve great results. Plans once completed including optional 3d graphics and renderings are all sent digitally.

The process of postal/international design involves initially filling out the landscape questionnaire that will be sent to you. I will also ask you to supply information that is needed to complete the design including supplying photos, existing relative plans and any measurements needed. New house builds with recent architecht plans available are generally more suited to this kind of planning.

From the information provided from you I will construct and design a concept plan/planting plan to scale, and if ordered 3d perspectives to help visualize your final design. If you require alterations or changes to the design, I allow up to 2 hours to do final adjustments to your satisfaction. The plans can then be submitted to contractors for construction.

What can be included in your Landscape Package

  • Design concept or planting plan 
  • Gardens from 300sq meters to over 1050 sq metres
  • Life style properties
  • 3D Perspectives of the landscape
  • Walk through virtual movies of the landscape
  • For all gardens I would need to quote independently and would require a site plan/survey plan and more detailed information of your requirements.