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About Professional Landscape and Garden Designer

NZ Garden Design provides a professional Landscape Design service covering the greater Auckland area. I am a qualified Landscape Designer with over 25 years experience in Horticulture and Landscaping. My qualifications include NZ Certificate in Horticulture, Diploma in Landscape Design and National Diploma in Horticulture. My experience initially involved training at Auckland Botanical Gardens followed by landscape planning, consultation and implementation of plans throughout Auckland. I undertake a great variety of work from small residential sections to large rural lifestyle blocks.

I am dedicated to bringing a high standard of garden excellence. It gives me great pleasure to see gardens transformed into their full potential and in helping you create your vision for your garden and lifestyle. Garden Design is something I am passionate about and I try and teach that passion to others. I tutor community education classes in landscape design throughout South and East Auckland.

Designing with Plants by Ian Wilson
This book encompasses some of his knowledge about designing with plants and is intended as a easy guide to selecting some of the popular plants that he uses when designing gardens. Planting Design is the focus of the book and it is divided into useful categories from the size of plants, to plants used to create a specific garden style. Where possible popular plants have been identified and categorised, allowing the reader to quickly see what appeals and then put together plant combinations that will look pleasing to the eye. Ian has travelled to many famous gardens around the world and has included insights and photos from his travels. Photos have also been included from well designed gardens found locally and around the globe..

Landscape Community Education

Specifications The book dimensions are 300mmx300mm.
Content includes 56 high gloss full colour pages.
Cost $95 + plus postage – postage calculated on receiving a postal address.
Please contact me directly via email including your postal address if you would like a copy of the book.
Disclaimer This book is intended for educational purposes only. Photos have been included from various sources, there is no breech of copyright intended. If you are the owner of a photo and do not want the photo to be included in the publication please contact Ian Wilson so he can remove it from the book. Many plants have been identified and named to the best of the writer’s knowledge. Ian Wilson takes no responsibility for errors or oversights made. All landscaping using plants should thoroughly be researched prior to using. The cost of the book covers publication and the time spent organising and handling.

Community Education

For the past 15 years I have run landscape design courses for community education. I have an Adult teaching certificate and have lectured at various schools and institutions over the years. My commitment is to inform and educate those people who have a desire to learn about plants and landscaping. I have been fortunate to meet so many keen gardeners and interesting people. Over the years I have had an opportunity to see various problems that people encounter in their desire to create a beautiful garden. As in most situations there are quick fix solutions and solutions that need to be thought about and the ideas put down on paper. Most gardens can be quite complex involving many different elements to its success. A garden's success is tested over time and is usually a result of combining the right style of garden with the right person. For people that have attended a landscape design course I am always interested to hear from you and discuss your landscaping needs.

Landscape Community Education