Service Cost

landscape and garden maintenance services

This is the first stage in understanding your landscaping requirements. I meet with you on site to discuss your needs and to go through a detailed checklist. This is to ensure that I know what you envisage for your garden. Part of the consultation process is to inform you on different options as well as what is practical and feasible given your site, budget and council restrictions. Consultation costs between $100 to $150 for initial visit depending on your location. This cost is deducted if clients decide to take up the option of a landscape plan.

Depending on your costs and requirements we can suggest the best type of landscape plan to suit your needs. This could involve either one or more of the following: site survey plan, concept plan, planting plan and hard landscaping plan. I use up to date technology in creating professional landscape plans.

Our landscape plans are CAD generated, professional, scaled drawings printed on an A1 printer. These plans are suitable for landscape requirements needed by council. Below are sample plans showing the design process from site survey plan to design concept plan to a developed concept and finally to the planting plan.

This is the most basic plan from which I start your landscaping. It locates your existing main property features (such as main feature trees, drains, etc) which need to be incorporated in the final design. This plan is only used in conjunction with other plans.

This plan allows the client to envisage the new garden and details features, materials used, and general ideas about plants. This plan has enough detail to start layout and construction of your garden. DIY experts can use this plan to save on expensive labour costs and build the professionally designed garden themselves.

Not all clients wish to build their own garden so alternatively contractors can be recommended to clients. Project management can also be an option for those clients wishing to relieve themselves of the headache of organizing the works to be done. How the client wishes to proceed with construction can be discussed.

This plan details more specifically the plants to be used. The plan comes with a plant schedule, and a maintenance guide. The Planting Plan is generally used in conjunction with the Concept Plan, and cost varies on time.

Specific plans for hard landscaping and detailed plans for garden features are something that we can offer and are priced according to time and detail required.

Using the services of a professional garden designer allows the client the benefits of the years of experience and plant knowledge that has been built up by the designer. I personally have over 20 years of experience working with plants I started my career initially at Auckland Botanical Gardens, and have since built up a greater knowledge of plants including plants that perform well in the Auckland area. I endeavour to combine the right plants and style of planting with the conditions that are present on site.

Maintenance is as important as the design and build phases. Having delivered a desired plan and garden to a client, I want to ensure that it matures into the dream envisaged. We can offer a seasonal contract whereby we maintain your garden to the highest level through a planned programme. This can entail anything from monthly, quarterly or bi-annual visits according to need.